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Cassandra Brooksbank: A Few of My Favourite Things

Great Guns director and Vegas-born renegades talks us through a self-portrait that highlights the essentials, some OCD sorting that would have Marie Kondo in awe and a powerful PC that would have the nerds salivating. 

Myth-Busting Fellow Coffee Campaign Confronts Caffeinated Conspiracies

Have you ever discovered a product that just seems too good to be true? Director Cassandra Brooksbank captures such a feeling in a comedic new campaign for coffee design company Fellow. Produced by Great Guns, the retro-style film helps bust the myths surrounding Fellow’s new Old Brew Grinder, proving that it’s the ‘missing link’ that can bridge the gap between a bean and a great cup of coffee.


Proving that ‘it’s not a conspiracy, it’s just good coffee,’ the 50s/60s newsreel-esque campaign battles conspiracy theories to debunk the myth of what a coffee grinder should be – and how Fellow can solve seemingly impossible problems. The spot, which includes references to such iconic conspiracies as Bigfoot and the ‘faked’ Moon landing, sees disgruntled former employee and whistle-blower Espresso Snowden attempt to reveal the mysteries behind Fellow’s latest product. Luckily, scientists at Fellow Industries provide explanations for each aspect of the grinder – proving why it goes above and beyond many professional models. 


A commercial for a coffee grinder. Ho hum? Not this one. Fellow Coffee and director, Cassandra Brooksbank, call on Bigfoot, the fake Moon landing and aliens to prove that Fellow’s coffee grinder is too good to be true.

The comedic, retro-newsreel-esque film busts a number of conspiracy theories to prove that the greatness of Fellow’s coffee grinder is not a conspiracy theory be and to show that Fellow can solve seemingly impossible problems, “proving” that Fellow’s new Old Brew Grinder, is the missing link bridging the gap between a bean and a great cup of coffee.

Great Guns Signs Las Vegas Director Cassandra Brooksbank

Great Guns announces the signing of director Cassanda Brooksbank to its roster. Bolstering the film production company’s impressive list of directors, Cassandra is now represented globally by Great Guns.

Making the Music of Insomniac's Unspoken

The Unspoken is one of the best games currently available for the Oculus Rift with Touch. It features a beautiful and inventive urban magic setting with powerful spells used to pit rival wizards against one another in epic duels. A key part of what makes the experience so bombastic and exciting is the inclusion of a soaring and pulse-pounding soundtrack by award-winning composer, Gareth Coker (Ori and the Blind Forest, Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved).

In the video above, you can watch a behind-the-scenes look into Coker’s process for composing the game’s soundtrack, which is a fundamental part of the experience. When you’re in VR you become surrounded by not just the visuals of the digital world, but the sounds as well.

News Story here

University Primetime: This Star Wars Parody of Hello Is The Greatest Thing You’ll See All Day

With the new Star Wars movie now being out in theaters nationwide, tons of new videos are being made. However, this video parody directed by Cassandra Brooksbank called Hello from the Darkside is literally perfection. I mean… I don’t think I got a laugh greater than this in a while. 

This Video of Darth Vader Singing Adele’s “Hello” Will Make Your Day

Add When Adele released the record-breaking music video (most views in first 24 hours, fastest to 100 million views) for “Hello,” the hit song off of her new album, 25, it was only a matter of time before creative geniuses everywhere hopped on the parody train.There were gems like the star-studded Saturday Night Live, Thanksgiving-themed spinoff, and even an angry mom singing, “Hello from the mother side.”And then Star Wars: The Force Awakens happened, and the parodies got better. Here’s one of the absolute best, featuring a lovesick Darth Vader (played by Dexter Masland) pouring out his soul to the beloved droid, R2-D2 (spoiler alert: the love is unrequited). 


Director Cassandra Brooksbank, whose video production company The X Collective was recently named one of southern California’s top 20, said the premise for the 2 minute flick basically wrote itself. “I love irreverent humor and the idea of a failed romance between R2D2 and Darth Vader just seemed too good to pass up,” she told me. “The wind in the Adele music video was ripe for a force parody and the idea of throwing in R2D2 made me laugh out loud.”


You can check out more of her work on her website,

All Digital Features Brooksbank's Production Company The X Collective in Top 20 Production Companies Doing Great Work

The team at The X Collective can handle most projects thrown their way, whether promo videos or fashion shoots. “We pride ourselves on being able to approach projects of every scale, genre, timeline and budget with a professionalism that exceeds your expectations,” they write.

Indie Game The Mean Greens Announcement Trailer Rises to Reddit Front Page

Independent developers Virtual Basement and Code Headquarters announced that the third person action shooter The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare will launch via Steam on December 8th. Their announcement trailer, edited by Cassandra Brooksbank, rose to the front page of Redditt in a matter of hours with 4700 upvotes. Players face off as green and tan toy soldiers that battle each other across fun and unique maps, while choosing from many different weapons that are always equipped.


The “Ori” trailer makes a play for gamers’ hearts.

All seems idyllic until a monster of an owl enters the picture. 

What happens next in the teaser could bring on the tears.

Brooksbank/ DeBurgh Team Win HRTV Film Festival for 2nd Time

Tristan de Burgh teamed with Cassandra Brooksbank and took the $10,000 Judges' Prize Award, with a film entitled, "Rush." It's the second top prize the de Burgh/Brooksbank team has garnered. They were the first-ever HRTV Film Festival top-prize winners during the 2012 competition.

The Wonderful Women of SCA

Making a splash comes naturally to the remarkable alumnae of the USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) including Stacey Sher, Melissa Rosenberg, Erin Levy, Leslie Iwerks, Kellee Santiago, Susan Vaill, Jennifer Au, Nicola Marsh, Liz Blazer, Chera Kee and Cassandra Brooksbank.


Story featured on the cover of In Motion Magazine. 


This year’s NAB conference in Las Vegas brought together this Sony group portrait of their Super 35mm line of cameras which features legendary cinematographers Curtis Clark, ASC; Richard Crudo, ASC; Daryn Okada, ASC; Dennis Dillon, DP; Francis Kenny, ASC, Cinematographer Brooke Mailhiot, Student Filmmaker’s Cassie Brooksbank and Brian Smith. 

The ad ran in several major publications including Amercian Cinematographer and Movie Maker Magazine. 


Tristan de Burgh and Cassandra Brooksbank, both students at the USC Film School, took the $10,000 Judges’ Prize Award with a film entitled “Call to Arms.”


Cassandra Brooksbank took home the first place award for her tribute video honoring Dean Elizabeth Daley. 


The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Los Angeles hosted its inaugural Alfred Hitchcock Legacy Tribute Gala, which honored USC Dean Dr. Elizabeth Daley. The event included such luminaries as George Lucas and Robert Zemeckis, who along with many other supporters of the cinema school, taped a touching tribute to Dr. Daley’s legacy at USC. In the video skillfully put together by Cassandra Brooksbank, The X Collective partner, Steven Spielberg praised, “Elizabeth, you are a leader and a visionary whose professional and philanthropic achievements honor the legacy of Alfred Hitchcock.”

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